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Gold Strike High School

Gold Strike High School (GSHS) is located in San Andreas, CA, adjacent to Calaveras High School (CHS). Enrollment ranges from 30-70 students. Students receive free breakfast and lunch daily. A counselor is onsite one day per week. Students utilize district school buses to get to and from GSHS. Gold Strike High School also works with CHS in supporting students needing credit recovery.

Gold Strike High School is a full-day program, Monday through Friday. We offer a nurturing, standards-based program for students seeking an alternative to the traditional classroom. Our class sizes range from 10-20 students. Students can catch up if behind in credits, or accelerate their path to high school graduation.  

High school courses at GSHS are not currently UC/CSU approved however students earn a diploma and may enter community college. Students may have a blended schedule with classes at Sierra Hills Education Center or CHS.

Due to internet restrictions the link
is not accessible at school
Graduation Requirements BP 6146.1

40 English
10 Algebra
10 Math
10 Life
10 Physical 
10 Geography/SS9
10 World History
10 US History
5 Economics
5 Government
10 Fine art OR Foreign Language
20 PE
10 Career Tech
60 General Elective
220 Total