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Sierra Hills Education Center

Sierra Hills Education Center (SHEC) is an independent study program for grades K-12.  The school employs two FTE teachers who work out of three locations in the district: the district office, Gold Strike High School and West Point Elementary. SHEC currently maintains an enrollment of 60 students. 

Students in this home-based instructional program work independently, using textbooks and/or an online format, toward their high school diploma or other appropriate educational goals dependent on grade level. High school courses in SHEC are not currently UC/CSU approved however students earn a diploma and may enter community college. SHEC students and/or guardian enter into a contract with their teacher to meet weekly and receive assignments and instruction. Students must complete 20 hours of independent study work per week. 

Students may have a blended schedule with classes at Gold Strike or Calaveras High Schools.

CUSD Graduation Requirements

Due to internet restrictions the link
is not accessible at school
Graduation Requirements BP 6146.1

40 English
10 Algebra
10 Math
10 Life
10 Physical 
10 Geography/SS9
10 World History
10 US History
5 Economics
5 Government
10 Fine art OR Foreign Language
20 PE
10 Career Tech
20 General Elective
180 Total